How do I get invited to private programs?

Many programs on Federacy are private. This means they are not publicly available to researchers. Granting access to these programs is controlled and dependent on several factors. Federacy often recommends a short list of researchers to private programs when they are ready to receive new reports. In order to make our recommended researcher list, we look at education, experience, and past performance on and off our platform. 

If you are interested in working with private programs, your Federacy Researcher Profile is the best place to highlight your background and expertise. Program maintainers will often make their final decision regarding whether to invite a researcher to their program based on its contents. 

Keep your profile up-to-date, showcasing your accomplishments, while presenting yourself in a professional manner, and opt-in to having your profile reviewed for inclusion in our public Researcher List so that it can be seen by companies. And remember that any report you submit through Federacy should be both helpful and clearly communicated.

Keep in mind, we are a new startup in the early stages of growth. Private program openings are currently few and infrequent. Please, do not contact companies directly to request a private program invitation or ask public program maintainers about their private programs through the reporting interface. 

If you have been selected for our recommended researcher list, we will be in contact as opportunities become available to check on your interest and availability before recommending you to the program. Our list is continuously revised, so continue to do great work on our platform, and you'll have a shot at making the cut!

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